Companies of any size should make sure to have legal and correct contracts and generally follow laws and guidelines – altso when it comes to their employees. Arnold & Ulv helps with executing as well as counselling in legal matters.

Arnold & Ulv makes politics for the employees based on the company’s specific conditions and culture. This way management as well as employees are secured an always aligned level of knowledge and expectations. This is the good and uncomplicated way to let the employees know holidays, handling of benefits, usage of IT and other technology and essentially the company’s values.

It is no longer an extraordinary benefit to have a regular dialogue about the employee’s development. It is part of the expectation towards a professional company and if you already put aside the time for a talk, you might as well get the best possible outcome. Arnold & Ulv makes a personalized scheme, teach managers and maybe employees in ’the good dialogue’ and define process for handling, archiving and follow up.

Do you have ambitions for your company? Arnold & Ulv is ambitions simplefied!

Arnold & Ulv does recruitment by the hour. No fixed, unlogical percentage of yearly pay but value for money by hours used on the assignment are honoured. It means that is the task easy to do, it’s cheap, and if it is difficult and more time consuming is more expensive. We know that a good recruiters most important work tool is networking and do this, with an enormous pipeline of candidates as a result. With many years of experience as a recruiter as well as managing a recruitment unit we will get the good candidates – for you!

We recruit all levels of candidates and for all kinds of positions but especially within IT, technical positions and other specialised roles, we are strong contenders. As a natural part of all recruitment processes are: Administrative handling of candidates, initial telephone screening, participation in following interview, profile analysis and feedback as well as references.

We know the companies, we know the good candidates and we know how to make the good match – with or without your help and precisely as you may wish to do it!

Recruitment? The best results – your way!

Arnold & Ulv helps to kickstart or continue the good career. For you or for your employee. We assist in identifying your future plans, payed by the hour, helps you to navigate in the job market, make the perfect application and resume and go through trial interviews for necessary experience and not sacrificing interviews on the alter of non-preparation. We can also make profile analysis and provide feedback afterwards.

We coach during the process, help with ideas and counselling about the good follow up and contribute with keeping up spirits – even after the initial rejection letters that are bound to come. It is easy to send the first applications but after a possible rejection number 20, energy level might slow down.

Get yourself the right job NOW!

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