Mette Arnold is passionate about her field, HR. Mette has throughout the years handled employees practically. However she has also studied the human psyche – both through her education but also by watching reactions to all sorts of challenges, in the employees. Mette especially has an extensive interest in group dynamics, not to mention easily understandable ’pictures’ and scenarios of any kind to describe related actions. This has grown an interest in man’s best friend in it’s original and more wild nature, the wolf.

A pack of wolves consists of a wide range of roles and hierarchical positions and it is easy to compare to a human pack. An example can be that wolves in the wild have far less hierarchical battles than captured wolves. It is possible to see a company as an artificially created pack of humans and thereby Arnold & Ulv has it’s task set out i.e. securing that the manager has and keeps the dominant position as easy and painless as possible and that every employee knows and handles their role in synergy with the rest of the pack.

Sounds a little touchy-feely? Maybe but the wolf-analogy is thought much more as a supplement to the traditional HR and is more about making HR understandable and present than changing the original paradigms.

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