Arnold & Ulv (Arnold & Wolf) is a consultancy company managed by Mette Arnold, which helps small companies with the practical handling of daily, challenges with their employees. With Arnold & Ulv you collaborate with a partner that works like an in-house personel department, knows your company from within but works few hours and thereby offers quality at an always reasonable cost.

With many years of experience with start up of HR og personel departments and handling the whole spectrum from practical to a tactical and strategic approach. The academic foundation is in place, but experience creates usability and the ability to reach the organization, and their employees, where ‘they are’, is adamant for success. For that reason we have no fear of getting our hands dirty and just work where we consider it most necessary based on the principle: Deliver, deliver and deliver!

If you collaborate with Arnold & Ulv there’s ALWAYS a physical and measurable outcome.

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Arnold & Ulv - We put the 'wroof' in human resource

CEO Mette Arnold
CVR no.: 31814847

Signalvej 153
2860 Søborg

Phone: +45 6116 4400

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