Knows how to navigate on the company’s strategic level

’In my role as COO at Kuben Ejendomsadministration, I was in need of an HR responsible. Our company does not have the size for a full time employee to make sense and it is difficult to hire competent HR-people in part time positions. However I was contacted by Arnold & Ulv and was offered exactly this: A part time HR employee. Even though I was a bit skeptical thinking that an HR person should be able to feel the company and it’s culture, we decided to give it a try for a period of time.
Mette fortunately proved to be a very competent person who masters all aspects of the personel and HR-area and at the same time quickly managed to understand the company culture and the spirit we wished to handle the company within, despite her only being here one day a week.

Mette knows how to navigate at the company’s strategic level but also has a very practical approach to the work, so we have had both smaller and larger tasks solved in a good and sensible way.
As so many companies these days we were unfornately forced to downsize the staff and in relation to that, Mette was a huge help both in terms of the formel part but also for us to make the cut as gently as possible in the, for the people affected, difficult situation.

Afterwards Mette helped the employees with outplacement and I know for a fact that many of the employees liked it and found her helpful in their pursuit for a future job. It has been a pleasure to work with Mette and I can highly recommend her to anyone that might be in need of a part time HR responsible.’

Jan Lorenzen, COO, Kuben Ejendomsadministration A/S


Able to put into words the interactions of a dynamic ’pack’
’Mette Arnold has been employed at Acta Kapitalforvaltning and has in that role worked as an HR/Personel Responsible. She has also been a very competent sparring partner for me in my role as Country Manager.

Mette is a fantastic capacity in her field and her work in anchoring the company’s values in the daily work with our employees is beyound anything I have ever seen in my soon to be 23 years of work in the financial business. Mette is an energic and goaloriented person when it comes to recruitment, hightening competencies and uncovering competencies within all groups of personel.
Mette consciously works to be a supporting function at both managerial and employee level. She has a profound understanding of group dynamics and is able to put into words the interactions of a dynamic ‘pack’.

Mette has a natural ability in talking to and showing sincere interest for her fellow human beings, and I give Mette my warmest recommandations and congratulate you if you are right now considering hiring her or using her abilities within in-sourcing.’

Peter Egholm Jensen, CEO, Acta Kapitalforvaltning


My professional friend
'Mette has been my professional friend, supported me when the whole process of hunting for a job seemed impossible to comprehend, been the best counsellor and given me the necessary tools to find the right job. The openmindedness and commitment Mette shows in her work to help other people like me, means that I will always think of her as one of the most unigue people I have ever met.’

Mitra Isaksen, Engineer


Invaluable help and support
From our first talk, Mette Arnold has been an invaluable help and support in my chaotic situation. She gave my application a makeover in no time, which has led to numerous interviews and I have been offered several jobs.

Mette's positive, optimistic and metaphoric communication and way to explain things, makes the difference. Absolutely 1st class pep talk. And best of all, it really works!

Christa Rosengren, Key Account Manager


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Many people being helped in their hunt for a new job
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